Plarhut - YouTube Type Video Player JavaScript
YouTube type video player for (websites and blogs) HTML5 and JavaScript
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plarhutresponsive video player that can play
video (mp4) local, stream videos from a server. it only requires
the mp4 format (the best and most used formats on the web) and
will work on mobile and desktop machines no matter what browser
is used, this is made possible by incorporating multiple video
engines in a really smart way. within the video player logic.

responsive layout.

chromecast support, play mp4 video on your tv screen using
chromecast, media can be controlled through the player

-timestamp support in time=seconds format, start and/or stop
the video at a specific time by setting a timestamp in the player
page url, see this example and check the url format has a append
timestamp, for example: ?time=43

-optional playback speed/speed selector. supports multiple
playback rates/speeds, can be easily configured and changed at
runtime using an optional playback rates/speed selector.

-added optional keyboard support (f: full screen/normal
screen, left/right arrows: skip video 10 seconds forward or
backward, up/down arrows: volume up or down, m: mute/unmute,
space: play /pause)

-support for subtitle files

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