How to upload an article to Zhareiv?

by Zhareiv 15 Jul 2021
Our team has formulated this article to help new authors to be able to present their articles on our platform, in an appropriate and readable way. And thus to be able to get the maximum potential of your publication and attract your future buyers.

We have provided a series of instructions so that you can publish an acceptable publication so that it is easier for our reviewers to review and approve your article.

Next you will find the instructions:
-The main download file (.zip) with documentation inside
-A professional looking 1600 x 800 preview image
-A professional looking 90x90 icon image
-A .zip file with screenshots inside
-A professionally written description for your item.
-Live demo site of your item (or app store url for apps)
-URL of the Youtube video of your article (additional)

These elements serve to give body and meaning to your publication. You can add images, links, among other attributes so that your publication can attract the visitor.

The following attributes are edited with the BBcode text. In case you do not know how to write in that code, visit the following link with information about the BBcode form:

BBCode Description HTML equivalent
[b]...[/b] Bold text <strong>...</strong>
[i]...[/i] Italicize text <em>...</em>
[url=...]...[/url] Link <a href="...">...</a>
[img]...[/img] Image <img src="..." />
[color=...]...[/color] Color text <font color="...">...</font>
[code]...[/code] Code <pre>...</pre>
[quote]...[/quote] Quote <blockquote>...</blockquote>gt;

If you have any questions or problems, contact our support team