Serious fall of cryptocurrencies! It will cause even more doubt than already exists in such currencies!
by Zhareiv 21 Nov 2022

Cryptocurrencies the serious fraud of the century. Cryptocurrencies are in decline, due to the financial instability that the world is currently experiencing.

Which is a cryptocurrency, it is a virtual currency that works as a means of electronic exchange, with the same effectiveness as any other currency. Being decentralized, it can be used for different media without any restriction, as there is no competent authority to register its issuance and movements.

Because of this such great coin, it has been adopted by companies and corporations. As the Tesla car company, owner and CEO Elon Musk embraced bitcoin as a medium of exchanging goods. And it plans to implement this in its new acquisition Twitter.

The virtual currency called bitcoin, has come to revolutionize the world we know being untraceable. You can generate any purchase of product or service without being detected
by any authority. Its origin is not yet well defined, it has been modifying its value adapting to the present making itself noticed in most of the planet for commercial use.

Bitcoins are the sensation these days due to their value increasing every day, more people are implementing this as a mode of investment to see a growth in their money.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, where the rise of cryptocurrencies where bitcoin, THE MOTHER CURRENCY, reached historical highs. Now the growth of this currency has stopped and in mid-2021 its decline would begin due to many factors would accommodate for this mega currency to stop growing, to the point of being in its worst devaluation in its recent history.

2022 the worst year of cryptocurrencies due to hacks and falls of companies that are responsible for handling funds of said currency such as FTX; this company has gone bankrupt and has contributed to the fall of bitcoin and not having funds to pay its users.

But not everything is bad news, since great powers such as China and the United States are planning to create their own cryptocurrency, this will help increase the value of bitcoin, ethereum, shiba inu and other cryptocurrencies. It is only a matter of time before these currencies regain their value and become even stronger.